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I believe that every person - no matter how old they are, where they come from, whatever their life experience - always has a most precious insight that the world is longing for them to share. Often, the biggest obstacle is that we don’t quite believe that of ourselves, but certainly, in the case of acting, if we slow down and take a moment to hear, value and hazard our own responses then the work that we make becomes compelling. 


I have always been drawn to acting because although I was unconfident as a child, yet it seemed somehow possible to lose my inhibitions behind the mask of a character - and really, fully, express myself. Indeed, I found - through a long and wonderful process of study, training and then 15 years of professional practice - that learning how to achieve this consistently became a massive source of joy (and confidence) for me that I  want passionately to share with others.


I draw from several acting, voice and movement techniques (Stanislavsky, Michael Chekhov and Cicely Berry are favourites), but the techniques I use in coaching are always in response to the individual and their aims. 


I have experience of working with actors at every and age and stage. I also have experience of teaching communication and presentation skills to professionals including voice and speech work. 


I am based in East London for classes, one to one coaching or Zoom by appointment.

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